The 2020 edition of Piscines Pro, the specialist publication for the pool, swim-pond and wellness industry, features a double-page spread on Aquatic Science and natural swimming pools.

  • Traitements de piscine Vitii sans produit chimique
  • Filtration écologique pour piscine
  • Vitii piscine naturelle dans la Revue Piscine Wellness Pro

A pool is an attractive feature and great for keeping cool in summer. But installing a pool in your garden isn’t always the most eco-friendly option. Aquatic Science has come up with the answer: the Vitii natural filtration system that’s 100% chemical-free.

What is a natural swimming pool?

The pool and swim-pond sector is experiencing rapid change, with the biggest developments coming in water treatment technologies. In recent years, there’s been a growing aversion to the use of chlorine, as customers are increasingly requesting chlorine-free solutions. Natural pools have become all the rage…

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