Vitii Experience - Vitii

Smart, connected bio-mineral filtration by Aquatic Science

Réalisation d'une piscine semi-enterée
Construction of a Semi Inground swimming pool

Aquatic Science offers chemical-free biological water for perfectly healthy, soft, safe and environmentally friendly swimming. The Vitii filtration system is designed for residential, commercial and public pools, whether indoor or outdoor, with or without plants.

Une eau respectueuse de la santé
Pas d'allergies, pas asthme...
Water that respects health
No allergies, no asthma…

Swim in clear water and look after your health and the environment

With Vitii, the water of your indoor or outdoor pool is just as in nature. There are no added chemicals, no chlorinated reaction in the process. Vitii only uses bacteria isolated in a filter to digest the particles dissolved in the water and minerals to balance the water.

This water therefore has a neutral natural scent and is perfect for the health of all; including babies and pregnant women who need no longer fear chloramine irritant and allergenic effects on the respiratory system or the effects of metals on the body.

Vitii water is gentle and respects your skin perfectly leaving it soft and moisturised, your eyes no longer get red or irritated and your hair keeps its shine.

This total absence of chemicals in Vitii pool water respects nature and provides a sustainable, green approach to bathing.

Réalisation d'une piscine de bord de mer
Construction of a seaside swimming pool

Biological filtration that meets the most stringent standards and comfort demands

Vitii uses no chemical disinfectants such as chlorine, bromine and so on. This filtration system ensures that water quality meets strict sanitary requirements including French and Belgian public pool health quality standards.

All comfort equipment is compatible with Vitii filtration: heating, pool cover, countercurrent swimming, indoor aqua bikes, and much more.

Aquatic Science’s Vitii filtration system is a new approach to swimming pools. It allows you to discover new soft sensations in harmony with nature while caring for the health of the bather.

Réalisation d'une piscine chauffée
Construction of a heated swimming pool